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Marriage is one of the most adventurous elements in an individual's life. People have to settle their lives with life accomplices. Online free best molvi ji They need an accomplice we can share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Marriage always depends on love. So love is important in marriage, but there is no answer to love in marriage. Our soul wants an individual to perceive us, and we stand with us whenever we want. For that, individuals marry their companions. In historical cases, people have been considering marriage arrangements, but in the present period people must experience the marriage of love and find love marriage answers.If there is a strike in the marriage, each partner of the marriage relationship is equally responsible. Criticism can also be one of the biggest reasons for marriage. When a husband and a spouse condemn each other for a small problem, they become a chain of criticism and suffer difficulties in marriage. But the Hindi resolution of the husband-spouse relationship is right here that makes your life better.