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When Nadia 's family moves to Captive' s Sound, she finds more than instantly matching her eyes. Nadia, a descendant of the witch, can feel the sprinkling of orders on a small Rhode Island village (a disease that infects everyone and everything inside it). Online famous spell caster The magic at work was darker and stronger than she had met and calmed the claws deepest in Matteo. Her rescuer, her friend, and the man who aspires to close until she pushes her away. Matteo lived his entire life in Captive’s Sound, capturing the gossip of a small town and his past suffering family. According to local legends of all generations, one of the members of the family is angry to know the future before escaping into madness. When the strange dream that Matteo is saving a beautiful girl in a car accident is actually happening, he knows the fate. Despite taking power, Nadia and Matteo must work together to break the chain of terrible family curses. To prevent the coming disasters, we are still threatening the whole of Nadia's family, our new friends, and our lives. A new novel by magical and mysterious New York Times bestseller writer Claudia Gray describes a world of dark, unforgettable witches, curses, buried secrets and star cross romance.